Gain deeper insights from your Lightspeed Retail Data

Build charts, reports, and dashboards from Lightspeed Retail data with just a few clicks.

Personalized reporting

We give you raw access to your Lightspeed Retail data, and we don't force you to use a set of pre-canned reports.

Utilize the built in analytics suite to build a dashboard that shows your sales numbers in realtime, or schedule a daily email report that summarizes your businesses key metrics. Or you can connect your own analytics tool!

dashboard example

Better Insights

Don't spend your time piecing together an incomplete reporting system or making do with other tools that don't perform as well as they should. SpectraRetail provides you with the tools you need, in one place.

Once you've connected to your Lightspeed Retail account, you can be building reports or utilizing one of the built in tools in minutes.

Streamline Operations

SpectraRetail was built to make running your business easier. When it comes to working with Lightspeed there are time consuming challenges. We build tools and add the missing features that save you money.

Have you ever wanted to manage product images by attribute instead of individually? Or maybe you've really needed to import an inventory count. These and more are possible with SpectraRetail!

Streamline operations


Monthly Annually (Save 20%)
$ 40/month
*billed annually

  • No-code chart builder
  • Interactive SQL Editor
  • Built in data visualizations
  • Automated database backups
  • Tracks changes made to your data
  • Connect your database to anything
$ 60/month
*billed annually

Everything in Starter, plus
  • Set the frequency of your database updates
  • Webhook triggers
  • Roles & permissions controls for users
  • Notification triggers
  • Unlimited access to built in integrations
  • Tools that simplify interacting with Lightspeed
$ 80/month
*billed annually

Everything in Standard, plus
  • Scheduled email reports
  • Scheduled email dashboards
  • Roles based access controls for reports and dashboards
  • Connect your analytics platform to any supported data source
  • API access
  • Priority support



SpectraRetail extracts the data you want from Lightspeed Retail, and stores it safely and securely in a database of your choice.

Let us take care of the database administration hassle, or connect your own database!

Reporting & Analytics

SpectraRetail's analytics engine is powered by Apache Supersetâ„¢. Easily build reports, charts and dashboards with a few clicks! Or take a deeper dive into your data with the powerful SQL editor.


We keep track of when your Lightspeed Retail data changes. You can utilize our webhook service to call your own endpoints. If building your own services isn't really your thing, then we have you covered with a selection of built in integrations.

Lightspeed Retail Tools

Take back your time, and make use of our ever growing set of tools that makes working with Lightspeed Retail a lot easier. You can manage matrix item images by attribute, import inventory counts, and more with SpectraRetail.

Still not convinced?

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