All about your data

If you're not a developer or if you're not familiar with retrieving data from REST API's, then accessing the raw data in Lightspeed Retail can be a challenge. With SpectraRetail, accessing your data is made easy.

When you sign up, we can create a private database just for you. Then, we extract every bit of data that Lightspeed Retail makes available, and we store it in your private SQL database. Once that's done, we track the changes made in Lightspeed Retail to keep your data up to date.

What does all this mean?

You don't have to be an SQL or business intelligence wizard to use of the data we extract. SpectraRetail includes point and click tools that make building reports, charts, and even dashboards easy. If there is another analytics or business intelligence tool that you prefer, we don't care! It's your data, and all you need to do is point it at your database.

If you do happen to know your way around a SQL query, we don't restrict access to the raw data. SpectraRetail, comes with a state of the art SQL editor built in!

Can I use my own database?

Sure! If you prefer to host your own database, that's fine! When you sign up, you have to option to pick between a PostgreSQL managed by us ( more options coming soon! ), or we can connect remotely to your database.

Supported databases

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